Smartphone Photo Classes

Learn to see the art in everything

You'll make a giant leap in the quality of photos you take and share online.

Learn how to take cool creative art  photos with your smartphone while exploring places like The Beltline.


SmartPhone Photo Class 

90 minutes that will improve your photos for the rest of your life.


How to notice interesting subjects

How to SEE like a camera

Framing the subject 

Creating abstract art




A smartphone. That's it!

WHEN & WHERE:        

  • Saturday March 24th 8:30am on the Beltline

Beltline classes meet at the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark with access from the Inman Park area. Details will be emailed to you after registration.

Click here to be informed of upcoming classes. 

DURATION:    Classes are 90 minutes.

COST:             Pre-register to guarantee your spot $40.


Listen to what my students had to say about my class:

Carmen Westbrook

Elicia Miller 145x200.jpg

"I absolutely love taking pictures on my iPhone so I signed up for Scott Hall's Smartphone Photo Class to learn from a professional and enjoy the Beltline in a different way. 

I learned so much from Scott about lighting, what looks good on camera versus what I see and how to take abstract photos to create my own art.  Scott is such an awesome teacher and photographer. He helped me see things differently and I took photos I never would have before that turned out to be amazing. 

During his editing class, he showed us how to use the Photoshop Express app. I learned the best way to edit, crop and adjust the color without using drastic filters. I was so happy with the results I posted them on Instragram and Facebook and got a ton of positive comments about my art. 

The Smartphone Photo Class was a blast! I now have a new eye, confidence and skills to create art with my iPhone and the walk along the Beltline was both fun and social. I'm excited to take more Smartphone Photo Classes with Scott and bring my friends along.

Highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys taking photos and anyone who is reluctant because you don't know how. 

Thank you Scott for this awesome class!"

Elicia Miller