Individual art photography Instruction (DSLR)

Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach, CA



Do you have a passion for photography?

Are you ready to shoot like a pro and create a powerful professional art portfolio?

Do you want to create a collection of photographic art worthy of a gallery show?

Do you want help in developing your own style of art photography?

Create stunning gallery-ready photos

My art photography instruction is designed to bring out your full creative potential. You will learn skills that will minimize the technical details of shooting with a DSLR so you can stay in the artistic zone. 

There is nothing comparable to individual hands-on instruction for quick and easy learning. I will give you the essential tools on location, allowing you to apply them immediately. This is the way to turn new skills into second-nature shooting.

I will create a program designed specifically for your level of knowledge and your photographic style. Don't know what your taste is yet? No problem. I will teach you some of the styles I shoot and we will see what you are drawn to and adjust your instruction accordingly.

Portfolio Package

The portfolio package includes two months of instruction and support that will teach you how to express yourself through the artistry of photography and demonstrate your abilities with a professional portfolio of work.

Your instruction will be custom designed to cover exactly what you need and want to learn. Ongoing support throughout your studies with me will ensure that you are moving in the direction that you most enjoy shooting and will allow you to troubleshoot as things come up.

Over the course of two months, you will have:

  • 6 two-hour sessions - technical, shooting, editing, portfolio development
  • Email support including 25 photo critiques

You will learn how to:

  • See the art in everything
  • Develop your own creative style
  • Create a striking and comprehensive portfolio that speaks your style
  • Shoot with your intuition
  • See how a camera sees
  • Chose a subject and focal point
  • Compose impactful photos
  • Shoot in manual mode and RAW format so you have complete control over your photos
  • Properly light and expose your photos
  • Understand aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • Check the exposure after each shot using your camera’s histogram
  • See the different colors of light
  • Make your subject stand out using depth of field
  • Create a silhouette 
  • Identify which types of subjects lend themselves to black and white
  • Know which lenses are best for different subjects and compositions 
  • Shoot macro images
  • Crop to enhance an image
  • Edit photos to enhance contrast, colors and remove or replace unwanted objects or areas 
  • Manipulate colors to match a designer's palette 
  • Develop your portfolio
  • Create a cohesive series

Program layout

Locations will be handpicked for your interests:

Session 1 - Location 1:

  • How to shoot manual mode
  • Proper exposure
  • Composing a shot
  • Using depth of field to blur the background

Session 2 - Location 2:

  • Getting comfortable with manual mode
  • Noticing art everywhere
  • Creating silhouettes  
  • Shooting black and white

Session 3 - Location 3:

  • Creating a series from one subject
  • Using your intuition
  • Review of photos

Session 4 – Indoor, Post Production

  • Organizing your photos
  • Choosing the best photos
  • Cropping and editing in Photoshop
  • Matching a designer's color palette for a room

Session 5 - Location 4:

  • Shooting at a higher standard with your new knowledge of cropping and editing.

Session 6 – Indoor:

  • Organizing your portfolio in categories
  • Choosing the best of the best


Are you ready to take your photography to the professional level? Your custom designed Portfolio Package will do just that.

Portfolio Package - $1800

Email me to set up an appointment to talk about a custom instruction program designed for you.

Record Stack, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Record Stack, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Scott Hall is an artist/photographer who has been immersed in creativity since childhood. Originally from New York City, Scott has called Atlanta home for over 40 years.

Scott has worked primarily in the hospitality industry with installations of his work in high-end brand and boutique hotels across the US and other locales, including London, Abu Dhabi, Macau and Beijing. He’s been commissioned to create pieces for celebrities, hotels and corporate clients worldwide and his art has been featured in InStyle magazine with Eva Longoria.