About Scott

Scott Hall is an artist/photographer who has been immersed in creativity since childhood. Originally from New York City, Scott has called Atlanta home for over 40 years.

"For me, photography is very similar to writing music. A great image should entertain as a song would. Some make you smile, some make you laugh and others stir something deep within.

I love to capture abstractions of recognizable objects. I do this by observing a subject in small sections, looking for a part that stands out for me. I view everything like this before even picking up the camera.

Lately I've enjoyed combining photography with illustration. This allows me even more creative control. For instance, I can take the subject and stretch it out or distort it in some way.

I am heavily influenced by the early modernist photographers who helped establish photography as an art form, especially Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz.

I have worked primarily in the hospitality industry with installations of my work in high-end hotels across the US and other locales, including London, Abu Dhabi, Macau and Beijing. I’ve been commissioned to create pieces for celebrities, hotels and corporate clients worldwide and my art has been featured in InStyle magazine with Eva Longoria. I’ve also produced an animated art video, Journey I, which was chosen for the premier of Victory Park in Dallas and was exhibited in an interactive art show in Singapore.”